Touring Student Swears He Saw Loch Ness Monster In Jaqua Infinity Pool

Touring Student Swears He Saw Loch Ness Monster In Jaqua Infinity Pool

The serene beast reportedly came out at a time it knew there wouldn’t be any drunk students futilely trying to take a dive in the pool.

Eugene, OR—Early Saturday morning, while on a tour of the University Campus, Robert Tuloo, a visiting senior from Wes Point High School, reported that he caught a rare glimpse of Oogo Pogo, the University of Oregon’s resident Loch Ness monster, just outside of the John E. Jaqua Academic Center.

At the time of reporting, Tuloo recounted the morning’s tale: “After being entranced for the past 90 minutes, I managed to break away from the glistening eyes of the student ambassador leading our tour group. I threw a lancing glance at the Jaqua for student athletes, and there she was, just floating there in the infinity pool, placid as a new-born hoglet.”

Oogo drawing

Tuloo’s quick drawing of the tantalizing spectacle.

Just moments after the sighting of the rare monster that emigrated from University of Canada, Oogo Pogo vanished with a wave of its formidable fin, gone just as quickly as it had appeared.

In the interview that followed the sighting, Tuloo remarked that he was initially hesitant about applying to UO, but has since changed his mind.

“What first caught my attention about the U of O was the fact that it was rated amongst the top 50 research universities in the nation, according to U.S. News,” he said. “But what really sold me on the school were the rumours about the marine monsters of North American folklore circulating around campus.”

When asked what he plans to study after he inevitably begins attending UO, Tuloo reported that he would most likely major in cryptozoology with a minor in judaic studies.