5 Simple Steps You Need To Follow For Voting In The ASUO Election

Follow These Simple Steps for Voting in the ASUO Election

Don’t worry. All of America gets confused on how to vote properly. (Photo taken by Joyce Almond.)

It’s about time to cast a vote for next year’s ASUO President, Vice President, and any number of trivial senate seats. This is actually a difficult process, and every year less than 15% of the student body is competent enough to do it. But luckily we are here to help lead you through this daunting process in just five stress-free steps.

Step 1: Open your favorite browser. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera are all acceptable. If you use Internet Explorer, skip to step 5.

Step 2: Type duckweb.uoregon.edu into the address bar and press enter.

Step 3: Login using your 951 number (which is often mistaken for the 911 number) and PAC (which is often mistaken for a Super PAC that people give money to).

Step 4: You have already made it farther than 75% of your peers. Give yourself a pat on the back. Then select the Student Menu from your list of options. Once there, locate the link,Vote Now: Spring 2014 ASUO Regular Election and Ballot Measures.

Step 5: You are incompetent and ill-informed. Go back to Facebook, Netflix, or wherever you came from.