• HannaNotABanana

    This is offensive and disgusting, poorly disguised in the name of “satire.”

    • A Feminist

      Hi, Miss NotABanana, I think I can help you understand the satire here. So, like, “cunt” is a terrible and sexist slur, right? Well, when the woman in the comic commented that she hates radical feminists and the man thought that was an invitation for him to pull that cunt stunt, he was slapped for it, as is the tendency of some women to do when they hear such a nasty thing. But then the SATIRE comes in with the woman actually agreeing with his sexist sentiment and leaving the implication that she just slapped him to detest the use of the word “cunt.” This is what we call an absurdity — or, in other words, what satire is all about. Because, in an ideal world, the woman would not slap the man just for the use of the word “cunt,” and she would sophisticatedly argue against his sexism. But in this situation, she only cared about the word, which, albeit a nasty word, is not what anyone should be focusing on at this time. People should work to change their attitudes, and from there will come a change in consideration for language and maturity in perspective.