PSA: Daily Jade To Sell Rare Artifacts At Campus Block Party

Eugene, OR — This afternoon, Daily Jade is selling a limited supply of recently discovered UC Eugene Shirts.

"Let There Be Rain"

Our models show off the rare artifacts of an age-old UO joke we discovered. (Photo by Brandsome.)

Just last week we stumbled upon a small collection of boxes off campus that contained uncirculated vintage t-shirts. The shirts, all of which are labeled “University of California Eugene,” represent a hidden piece of UO’s history involving the 18% attendance of Californian students. Even though the shirts could be considered preservable artifacts, we have chosen to sell them to the UO public, thinking it would be cool if students really were walking fossils, per se. Every student at this university deserves to enjoy this rare find.

For only $15 dollars (cash, debit, or credit) these works of art will be for sale at a table at the Campus Block Party. Come and grab a shirt or 100, and share these rare works with the world or keep them all to yourself, because those are all the shirts we have.