5 Things You Need To Know To Save Your ASUO Campaign

The Ducks Like You slate complains about rent to a number of passing students.

1. Everyone Loves Underdogs This year it seems that each slate thinks it is a front-runner. Mighty Oregon, the elitists; Ducks Like You, pretending they aren’t elitists; and Fresh Start Oregon, the campaign that thinks UO sucks and wants to end everything we have come to know. With all of these intimidation titles, the only…

Top 5 Places To Eavesdrop On Campus

Top 5 Places to Eavesdrop on Campus

Eugene, OR — Don’t know if that girl in your chemistry lab has a thing for you and you’re too wimpy to friend her on Facebook? Need to find out if your man or gal (or whatever they identify as) is cheating on you? Is that sniveling senator in DFC trying to weasel a bill…

Top 5 Places To Poop On Campus

(Photos by Brandsome.)

Eugene, OR — As of last Friday, I can proudly say that I have dropped a deuce in every restroom on campus. My friends have given me the nickname Scat Superior, but I would go as far as to say that I am the leading poop expert at this university. While I have casually met…