Emerald Video Of Daily Jade Actors Causing Chaos For Sake of Satire Goes Viral

Eugene, OR — Emerald posted on its Facebook page one hour ago that its video on Daily Jade actors causing snow-day chaos on campus for the sake of satire is going viral.

The video has provoked moral outrage from viewers who take the video of the impeccable Daily Jade acting seriously.

“This is embarrassing as a U of O student. And to those making comments that this perfectly sums up U of O and its students, you can kindly screw off because it most definitely does not,” one student said about the video on Facebook, not knowing that the students who acted embarrassingly are satirists who live for embarrassment and subversion of public opinion.

Charles Brown, the man whose car was pelted and splotched with snow as seen in the video, stated, “Those guys [Daily Jade actors] were fantastic. They worked hard, spending about one hour rehearsing this act with me, and their satirical motive is going to be a pleasure to the viewers who weren’t pissed off at the video, thinking it was actually real.”

Daily Jade staff member Yoda Mass issued a response to the video’s success one minute ago, saying, “We must thank the Emerald for making our work go viral. It was really their work ethic and integrity that made this possible. I hope they’ll finally become appreciated by a wider audience for this.”