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Satirfy (v.)

Say HELLo To Satire

To satisfy with satire, which apparently Dicktionary words can’t do, you piece of shi—you know what, nevermind. Perhaps name-calling and other immature forms of our self-expression are the cause of our lack of popularity. You already see enough mean posts on Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit feeds. We’ll change from now on. To make it up to…

PSA: Daily Jade To Sell Rare Artifacts At Campus Block Party

Let There Be Rain

Eugene, OR — This afternoon, Daily Jade is selling a limited supply of recently discovered UC Eugene Shirts. Just last week we stumbled upon a small collection of boxes off campus that contained uncirculated vintage t-shirts. The shirts, all of which are labeled “University of California Eugene,” represent a hidden piece of UO’s history involving the 18% attendance of Californian…