I Can’t Believe Starbucks Is Still Selling These Offensive Canadian Snowmen Cookies!

Offensive Canadian Depiction

If you think we’re in a post-racial society, then check your privilege at the nearest Starbucks. And I’ll tell you what you’ll see while there: White snowmen. Only WHITE snowmen. Only white snowMEN. Only HETEROSEXUAL white snowmen. Black, brown, yellow, red, neon, women, gays, transsexuals, cissys, neutrals, sheep—you won’t find any of those races represented…

Survey: Frat Bros Don’t Care About Their Frat Being Suspended If Bros Tend To Forget Leg Day

How Frat Bros Cope With Their Frat Being Suspended

Charlottesville, VA — Following a claim of sexual assault against seven men from a fraternity in 2012, the University of Virginia opted to suspend all fraternity activities. Although this suspension is only set to span until the end of winter break, many innocent fraternity members are suffering from having no more purpose. Therefore, Daily Jade collected responses from over 1,000 fraternity…